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7 AM Enfant Blanket 212 - Neon Pink

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$200.00 CAD

Evolution Blanket 212 (B212) - the most popular baby outwear gear in Canada by 7 AM Enfant

The B212 Evolution is your child’s best friend from infancy to preschool. It is not only known for its versatility but also its durable nature makes it in demand among all the parents. The great advantage of this revolutionary blanket (footmuff) is that its practical and multi-functional - it serves as a baby cover on strollers and car seats. Its fluffiness makes your baby comfortable and its outer shell is not only waterproof but also a source of warmth and comfort for your little one. Blanket-212 is also used as a large blanket it is designed with zippered length and width extensions so it grows with your baby from newborn days till 4 years old. It can be taken along anywhere, be it a polar expedition or a skiing trip or the campsite.

Advantages of B212 Blanket

  • It has the ability to fasten itself with any car seat or stroller and also it can turn into a large blanket.
  • Since it is machine washable, it is quite easy to take care and maintain it.
  • It is built with an ergonomic hood and its outer surface is fully waterproof.
  • Polyester insulation which is extremely soft.
  • The fleece lining is super small and does not support pilling.
  • The extensions are two in number and a bit lengthy.
  • It comprises of five point harness openings which can be easily fixed with any stroller or car seat. The same goes for the hooks and loops.

The biggest rival in the market of this product is the JJ Cole Polar Bundleme. Material wise both are the same but according to the users, the JJ Cole was much wider and larger. Also it has the option of completely removing the blanket in case the baby starts to sweat. But when it comes to thickness and plushness, B212 stole the show.

7AM B212 Blanket Instuctions