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7 AM Enfant Doudoune - Orange

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$100.00 CAD

Introducing the Doudoune baby bunting jumpsuit by 7AM Enfant

All 7 A.M. products are practical and easy to use and one example of that is their Doudoune 100 series. This is a cute one piece for infants which is not only very convenient for babies and their mommies, but also the perfectly replaceable with a jacket or coat.
The size zippers are a boon as they completely reveal the interior of the Doudoune. The bunting can be turned into two distinct leg muffs along with snaps positioned in double rows starting from the crotch and ending with the foot.
This fuss free winter baby product is a versatile one and can be used on car seats, strollers and baby carriers. The materials are quilted and they act as a barrier against the cold wind with the help of the faux fur hood. The lining is super soft providing the baby immense comfort durig cold weather and bringing a smile on their faces.

  • Doudoune comprises of two long side zippers.
  • The hand cover is integrated and can be found on the sleeves.
  • The snapped system is interchangeable and serves the dual purpose from bunting to leg muffs.
  • The outer shell is water repellent.
  • It is easily washed in a machine.
  • A scarf is attached with it which is created from soft, anti pilling micro fleece.

It is available in various colors and sizes. Some of the popular colors are purple and neon and the sizes range from small to medium to big depending on the age and size of the child.