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7 AM Enfant Pookie Poncho Cover - Metallic Prussian Blue

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$145.00 CAD


Pookie Poncho is a practical baby gear by 7AM Enfant great to protect your baby from colder Canadian weather. The classic Pookie Poncho can be use for few different purposes:
Use it a as a baby carrier, stroller cover or a car seat cover accessory.

The Pookie Poncho can be quickly transformed from a carrier cover to car seat or a stroller cover.
When used on a baby carrier, the smaller hood attaches with snaps to the back of the cover to protect infants facing inward or outward.
The larger hood attaches with a zipper onto the Pookie Poncho, adding extra protection from wind while in a car seat or a stroller.

Another stylish and useful baby baby item by 7AM Enfant available in various colors: