Nuna Zaaz High Chair - Pewter

By Nuna

Nuna Zaaz High Chair - Pewter

By Nuna
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$399.99 CAD
Style: Pewter

The Nuna Zaaz Highchair is a sophisticated chair where the little one can seat and enjoy the meal. It is designed practically and is a convenient purchase because it tends to grow along with your baby during those initial vital years. It is not only a source of comfort for your child, but its customization option is nothing less than a blessing for you. IKEA Antilop highchair and Baby Bjorn booster seat both give a tough competition to Nuna Zaaz but ultimately the latter wins due to the freedom that the child gets when he/she wants to get in or out of the chair.

  • The leg base is extraordinarily sleek and the colors in which it is available are pretty elegant, thus making it look like a designer furniture.
  • The plastic components can be easily removed and it is perfectly safe to put it in a dishwasher.
  • Its no crevice feature manages to clean all the crumbs thoroughly.
  • The five point anti loop harness has a button and when clicked starts its function of protecting your child.
  • The air foam cushion is an unique feature of Zaaz and can be modified according to your needs.
  • There is a lift which is hidden and can be found behind the footrest. Its role is to adjust according to the baby’s height and ultimately make him join at the table.
  • The Zaaz can be adjusted to size and height.

Weight of the product: 10.42kg
Height of the tray: 74-67cm
Dimensions of the product: 87/81 cm high x 45 cm wide x 58 cm deep
Usage suggestion: From the time a child can sit up till 100 kg

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