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Medela Harmony Single Manual Breast Pump

$69.00 CAD

Harmony is a single, manual breast pump designed for occasional time away from your baby.

This hand breast pump is a great option for travel or as an occasional back-up to your double electric breast pump. A small, lightweight, and portable design makes transport easy and discreet for convenient pumping at home, at work, or on the go.

Best of all, Harmony now includes PersonalFit Flex breast shield which means more comfort and more milk*. These shields are designed to reduce pressure on the breast and optimize milk flow, giving you more milk faster.


1 Harmony breast pump (handle, diaphragm, stem with o-ring);
1 24mm PersonalFit Flex Breast Shield;
1 5oz/150mL Breast Milk Bottle, Lid and Stand;
1 Harmony Connector;
1 Valve;
1 Membrane; Instructions for Use.