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Tiny Love Soothe & Groove Mobile - Meadow Days

$89.99 CAD

The Soothe ’n Groove Mobile is an ingenious way to entertain your child from baby through to toddler both at home and on the go. This mobile is two items in one. It grows with your baby from a crib mobile to a stand-alone music box that toddlers can carry on their own. With six different musical categories and 18 different tunes, there’s up to 40 minutes of continuous and non-repeating music for your child to enjoy. The special soothing motion of the mobile captures baby’s attention and keeps them engaged, and colorful buttons allow your child to activate and change the music on their own. The unique design features two high quality speakers for great sound and easy to control volume.
• Features 6 different musical categories with 18 different tunes
• Music shuffle button
• Special soothing motion engages baby
• Up to 40 minutes of continuous non-repeating music
• Nightlight
• 2 high quality speakers
• Adjustable volume
• Colorful buttons allow baby to activate and change the music on their own
• Becomes a stand-alone portable music box for toddlers